I'm A Professional

I have professional credentials to help you help yourself. 

I am a qualified Person-Centred Psychotherapist. I completed my training at the Metanoia Institute (my qualification has been awarded by Middlesex University) on a United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) accredited course. The UKCP is the UK’s leading professional body for the education, training and accreditation of psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors.

The UKCP accreditation ensures that I am practising and complying with a professional code of conduct, maintaining confidentiality and ensuring safety for your wellbeing whilst working with you. Further information can be provided about this if required. 

There are different types of psychotherapy styles available to you. All of these styles are different in their approach. I am trained in what is known as the Person-Centred approach. It is my mission and objective to provide the best possible emotional environment for you, to enable us to work safely together, and I am committed to my practice with your best interest in mind. 

Why pay under £10 a day for your emotional wellbeing? Because YOU are worth it.

My Qualifications

Metanoia Institute (in collaboration with Middlesex University)

MSc in Contemporary Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Application

2011 - 2018

Metanoia Institute

Foundation Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling Therapy 

2010 – 2011

Regents College

Foundation Certificate in Psychology and Counselling

2009 – 2010


My Focus Area

Through insight and understanding, passion comes through.

I have successfully helped numerous clients, both male and female, tackle a wide range of issues. My experience has been working with clients with severe traumas; such as Domestic Violence, Childhood & Adult Sexual Abuse, and PTSD. 

I also work towards empowering people of ethnic origin, with a view to helping them find themselves. This comes from my personal experiencing of having a different cultural and ethnic background. This experiencing has enabled me to have insight and understanding for dual ethnicities (Eastern and Western) which I welcome to work more on. 

For under £10 a day, psychotherapy can support you a long way.